Rental Policy

  • Minimum rental period is 1/2 day (4.5 hours) unless otherwise stated.
  • Special rates available on long term rentals.
  • Rental rates commence when equipment leaves Palmerston Rent-All yard and ends when equipment is returned to yard.
  • Rentals are subject to¬†HST
  • The lessee is responsible for proper maintenance of equipment and supply of fuel, oil, lubricants and insurance of the equipment while in their possession.
  • Any lost, damaged or stolen equipment will be charged to customer.
  • Unless breakdown of equipment in the field is immediately reported to us during the rental period, no rental adjustment will be considered.
  • Cleaning charge will apply to any equipment returned dirty.
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • Some equipment rentals are based on the machines hour meter.

RENTALS ARE BASED ON TIME OUT – Sundays and Holidays Included